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Genesis Juniors Program


     Throughout the Christian community, we have come to find that the morals and standards of our upcoming generation are less than adequate when compared to the guidelines given to us by our Savior Jesus Christ, thus creating a downward spiral of diluted values from generation to generation.


     Our goal is to restore the values lost over years of compromise in an effort to develop our next generation into a generation of Christlike men, seeking not only to contribute but also thrive in their life ventures.


     Our program is run by our designated team of volunteers who assist in mentoring our upcoming generation through means of outdoor experiences and opportunities. We will host various community events that foster a strong fellowship among our outdoor community that we have found to love and cherish.

Want to get involved?

     Whether it be through hands-on volunteer work, tax-deductible donations, access to outdoor locations to host junior hunts/events or media content creation, we have many avenues for you to contribute! If you would like to get involved with our Genesis Junior program or have any general inquiries, please reach out through our contact page as we look forward to hearing from you!

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