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-2am boat rides, boat blind naps, frostbite fingers, wet frozen toes; these are all symptoms of a hardcore waterfowler yet we still somehow find enjoyment in the chase during migration.

-Why can we seem to plow through the hardships when it comes to our own ambitions, yet when they are God‘s ambitions and will for our life we choose to give up and jump ship?

-Shouldn’t we embrace the ambitions of God and the plans he has for us? After all he is the only one who truly knows our future ahead!

-While sometimes it may be hard to see, I can assure you there’s an end goal, a prize, a gift waiting at the end of our travels, but I can promise you’ll never reap that harvest of blessing if you jump ship and quit on your way...

-Just like a waterfowler, if you stick around long enough, through thick and thin, the birds will come and you’ll find that harvest on the other end!!!

📸 Brent Tilton

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