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-The decoy sled; one heck of a tool when hunting swamps, marshs, sloughs, or any area with standing water. The reason the decoy sled is so effective is because it bears the weight of our gear, allowing us to get to the honey hole faster and with less fatigue than if we hauled all that gear by hand...

-You see we have the same opportunity in life to lay all our weight and gear in Gods hands yet we seem to have trouble trusting in Him to handle those aspects of our lives that we cherish most...

-Psalm 55:22 states “Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken”...

-Many times trusting God with our beloved gear can be stressful because we lack faith that he will keep it from sinking or getting damaged. Yet if God created every element of the world by simply speaking should we not also trust him to care for those same aspects of our lives? Trust in God this week and seek him to carry all your weights so you can enjoy this ride we call life!

📸 Wade Shoemaker

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