-Getting on plane; this term is most commonly used when a watercraft increases speed by opening the throttle on your motor, forcing water underneath the hull, reducing drag and creating a more efficient ride...

-Many times in life we wonder why we seem to feel every little wave, trial and chop that comes our way. But what we don’t realize is that we’ve cut the throttle on our motor, making us vulnerable to the distractions and tribulations of life. And that motor/power source that helps keep us on plane is none other than our Savior Jesus Christ...

-I’ve found in my personal life that when I choose to open God full throttle He has the ability to get me back on plane and somehow navigate me through the chop of life...

-You see it’s not that the waves or white caps of life disappear, it’s that God has the ability to get us on plane and plow through those obstacles at a much more efficient pace. Many times to the extent that we pass through those waves with little to no rock in our hull...

-Isaiah 43:2 states “When you pass through the waters I will be with you, and through the rivers they shall not overflow you”. With this being said I urge you all in making the choice to open God full throttle in your life and watch for yourself how He can get you back on plane, plowing you through the white caps and tribulations of life!

📸 RJ Moore

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