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-We would never allow our trucks to run out of fuel, why? Because without fuel we become stranded.

-No matter how hard we try; without fuel in the tank our end destination is near and in most cases it leaves us stranded in the worst of conditions.

-If we wouldn’t allow our vehicles to run dry then why would do this to our spiritual lives?

-Without stopping daily to refuel our tanks we run on empty, many times stranded in places where we need it most.

-Not to mention if we don’t maintenance our hearts just as we change our oil and rotate our tires we begin to run hot, malfunction and fall into pieces, only to yet again be left stranded in the most hopeless of places.

-I encourage you all to refuel your heart everyday, just as you allow a mechanic to inspect your vehicles; allow God to inspect your hearts and refill what’s been lost. Because without him, we’re hopeless and stranded in this walk of life.

📸 Wade Shoemaker

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