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-This stellar permit was caught on camera by my good friend Erik Corbin and reeled in by his friend Hamen Patterson in the Guanajan Flats. As many of you view this photo you probably see a beautiful game fish with an amazing backdrop and nonetheless a stunning overall photo that represents Gods beauty found in the outdoors.

-While you are completely correct in that assumption there are also many moving parts that you missed. What you don’t see are the miles traveled, disappointments and the days worked in and out to not just catch this stunning permit but to also snag him on a fly rod which is a task in itself!

-This is also relevant to our daily walk as social media can plant false ideas of perfect people, with perfect lives that can make us feel less than adequate in our successes. Yet one thing the media lacks in is showing us the failures, disappointments, and drive it took to get them to that “perfect” point in life.

-Instead of allowing the media to degrade the value of your successes use it as a challenge, to build up, strengthen, and empower your ability to overcome obstacles and reach the goals you seek to find!

Photo by: Erikson Corbin

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