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-Water; the average a person can survive around 3 days without it. During that time period our body begins to fail, we become dehydrated, dysfunctional and delusional...

-Its safe to say that we need water to survive. Better yet that we need to constantly hydrate ourselves to stay fully functional and to make well informed decisions..

-The same thing begins to happen to our spirit man when we lack intake of living water in our daily walk. When we starve our spirit man we are making it more difficult for us to function and walk in accordance with God’s word. We are easily angered, mentally frustrated and begin to handle life’s curveballs much differently than if were to feed and drink daily from the cup God has for us...

-We wouldn’t dare to neglect our physical bodies yet we starve our spirit man everyday from the necessity of living water even when it’s so readily available to us...

-I encourage you all to fill yourself daily with living water, a water that can never run dry, a water that can turn the most difficult of times into blessings without end.

📸Seth Dortch

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