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-We’re all arrows on a bowstring. You see an arrow only travels to its destination when it’s drawn back as it needs momentum moving forward. The question is when and where do we launch?

-That my friends is determined by a choice. You see you can’t draw back your own bowstring; what draws us back are our motivations. Your motivations may be money, popularity, pride, anger and even self worth. But always know those motivations are what draw you back and launch you to your future destination.

-So what happens when we allow God to hold our bowstring? Not only does he launch you forward, but he also points you in the right direction; a direction guided by wisdom, love and purpose. Many people choose the most visually pleasant path of flight; something we can see and taste, but if you allow God to hold your bowstring he will launch you to places you never knew possible. Maybe even paths no one else gets the opportunity to travel.

-So suit yourself, do you want to fly the path most traveled? Crowded by others who lack values and belief? Because to me the flight less traveled, the flight designed specifically for me that only I can experience, the flight that provides a purpose and worth, sounds like a much better option in this short lifespan we live.

-It may feel like a setback; sitting and waiting for our archer to release us on our way. But I urge you to make the choice; allow God to hold your bowstring. Because after he draws you back he will launch you faster, further and with more purpose then you ever knew possible!

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